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Sinds begin jaren 60 zijn er veel wetenschappelijke artikelen gepubliceerd over de schadelijke effecten van Softenon op de ongeboren vrucht en op de ouder wordende Softenon slachtoffers. Een verzameling van de meest recent gepubliceerde artikelen vindt u hieronder. De volledige lijst met titels en abstracts kunt u vinden, door hier te klikken.

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2017 Impact Thalidomide use Brazil. Er wordt met een kritische blik gekeken naar de geschiedenis van Thalidomide in Brazilie en naar het voorkomen van Thalidomide Embryopathie in de afgelopen decennia.

2015 Blood pressure in thalidomide-impaired patient. Een publicatie van anesthesie bij een Softenon slachtoffer zonder armen en met benen waarbij ovariumcystectomie wordt uitgevoerd.

Apr 2023 A New Generation of IMiDs as Treatments for Neuroinflammatory and Neurodegenerative Disorders.
The immunomodulatory imide drug (IMiD) class, which includes the founding drug member thalidomide and later generation drugs, lenalidomide and pomalidomide, has dramatically improved the clinical treatment of specific...

Feb 2023 Real-life use of apremilast for the treatment of psoriasis in patients with oncological comorbidities: a retrospective descriptive multicentre study in France.
Systemic treatment options for psoriasis are limited for patients with recent neoplasia.

Apr 2023 Synthesis and study of pyrimidine-phthalimide hybrids as VEGFR2 inhibitors with antiproliferative activity.
Thalidomide, a once notorious sedative, is now clinically used as an antitumor agent. We aimed to use it as a lead compound for designing pyrimidine-phthalimide hybrids. Nucleophilic substitution reaction of thalido...

Apr 2023 Lenalidomide maintenance based on a genetic profile.

2023 [Optimal safety management procedures for medications with potent teratogenic properties: a prospective intervention cluster randomized non-inferiority comparative study].
Using the "periodic confirmation sheet" employed in the safety management procedure of thalidomide drugs, we looked at whether patients' knowledge of compliance with the procedure varies depending on the length of the...

Jan 2023 [The efficacy and safety analysis of pomalidomide in the treatment of relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma].

2023 A Novel Nanoemulsion Formula for an Improved Delivery of a Thalidomide Analogue to Triple-Negative Breast Cancer; Synthesis, Formulation, Characterization and Molecular Studies.
Thalidomide (THD) and its analogues were recently reported as a promising treatment for different types of solid tumors due to their antiangiogenic effect.

Mar 2023 Inflammatory bowel disease can reduce ovarian reserve function in women: A systematic review and meta-analysis.
We conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis to examine the role of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in ovarian reserve functions.

2023 Assessment of Time-to-onset and Outcome of Lung Adverse Events With Pomalidomide from a Pharmacovigilance Study.
Pomalidomide is an immunomodulatory drug that is used to treat multiple myeloma. We examined the time-to-onset and outcome of lung adverse events (LAEs) related to pomalidomide in Japanese patients based on informatio...

Mar 2023 Novel, thalidomide-like, non-cereblon binding drug tetrafluorobornylphthalimide mitigates inflammation and brain injury.
Quelling microglial-induced excessive neuroinflammation is a potential treatment strategy across neurological disorders, including traumatic brain injury (TBI), and can be achieved by thalidomide-like drugs albeit thi...

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